"Les Ressorts Wilfart SA manufacture a wide range of coil and leaf springs, displaying a versatility typical of small engineering firms. [...]"

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"There are very few companies which manufacture springs in our country. And still, those are specialized, one in the small one, the other in the large one, some in the series production. The Wilfart establishments in Templeuve (Turned) did not choose these ways. Its leaders preferred to remain in the small series and the single models."
"Today, the majority of the springs produced here, are intended for other industries that the textile: cement factories, constructions steel without to forget private individual bus at Wilfart, if one posts a broad smile each time that a large order intervenes, one is also been willing to do the utmost to repair the gardener which broke the spring of its mower, even if it means to manufacture the part if it is not stock."
"There are the small ones, there are the large ones, the ones hardly visible with the naked oeuil, the others, heavier than a man. Manufactured in all conceivable metals, steel, brass, bronzes... Some are flat, others, with compression, traction or with torsion. They are present at every moment of the life, in all the corners and recesses of the world, everywhere, even where you do not suspect them. In the style that you hold in hand or mouth, in the armchair which accomodates your nap of Sunday. But since the genius of the man invented, they take pleasure in the second roles, accessories essential but most of the time invisible which possibly express its presence only by some squeakings."
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