3 Generations in the « SPRING »
Former foreman in a French factory of springs in the years 1937,
François Wilfart creates his small workshop behind his dwelling.
In these 60 small m2 of workspace, the « factory » works primarily for the textile industry very prosperous at its hours in the North of France and frontier area.
The crisis in the textile obliges the Wilfart establishments to diversify their productions. Investments will be necessary. The small « factory » will increase of one workshop of more than 300 m2 and will equip itself of various machines and tools. It was with the age of the retirement, in January 1976, that François Wilfart yields his place to his son: Stéphane.
Vis-a-vis the request and in order to continue the development of the company, the enlarging of the buildings and the modernization of the machines the new ones are essential.
The acquisition of a nearby building to the factory increases the surface of +/- 300 m2, the purchase of more powerful machines make it possible to partly widen the line of goods as well as the automation of manufacture.
In the Eighties, Régis takes service near his/her Stéphane father in order to shoulder it.
The company is more than family: one and the other being complementary.

According to the diversity of the customers, industry in general that it is automobile, pharmaceutical, printing works, agricultural, cement factory and other... The company is directed towards the markets of small and average the series while manufacturing the single part.
Moreover, it provides so much to industries than with the private individuals while respecting a service of quality.
The small « factory » become « Wilfart company meanwhile » celebrates its 50 years.
At this time, in order to answer as well as possible the diversity of the production and the regular requests for the d?ensembles realization and of complete subsets including/understanding springs and other parts, the company creates its own workshop sheet-iron works.
Welding, folding and cutting of sheet... make the company completely autonomous and independent vis-a-vis the risks of under treating.
Always concerned of quality, the Wilfart Company invested in the certification ISO 9002 which it will obtain in 1996.
Stéphane Wilfart, after 30 years of service, is withdrawn leaving room to his/her Régis son.
From wire father is born the 3rd generation.

Currently, the company is entitled: « Springs WILFART S.a. »
It employs 9 full-time persons, has a park machine as well conventional as with order CNC, the whole, on a site of +/- 1500 m2)
Like one says: On our premises: all is well
One has « spring » ! ! ! !
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